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Vector Aquatic Center Moves Ahead!

The Old Easter Seals Pool Becomes the New Vector Aquatic Center: With the close of escrow on October 20, Vector Rehabilitation is proud to announce that plans for the Vector Aquatic Center are moving forward!

Located at 3289 Edgewood Road in Eureka, the former Easter Seals warm water therapy pool was closed in April due to funding issues. Vector and partners quickly banded together to save this important community resource. Working closely with Peter Pennekamp of the Humboldt Area Foundation and Leigh Pierre-Oetker of the McLean Foundation, Vector explored options to keep the only warm water therapy pool in the County available to those who so desperately need it.

The goal is to re-open the pool within the next 18 months, a task that became easier with the County’s announcement that they had been rewarded a Community Block Development Grant, with roughly $600,000 to be used to fund the pool project.

“My reaction is relief because we’ve been waiting since September to hear about that grant, but also joy,” Ruff said. “We can move forward with a project that is so good for the community and has great potential for Vector.” 

The grant was celebrated with a reception at the pool on October 28th. Ruff said $300,000 of the grant would be put toward the purchase of the facility.  The remaining funding will be used  to rehabilitate and retrofit the pool and physical therapy clinic to meet disabled access standards.

"The community has rallied to save this aquatic center,” Peter Pennekamp, HAF Director said. “From prior users, friends and family to past board members of the old Easter Seals and local foundations, everyone has helped get us to today. The next step will require another community push, and we are up to it with Vector's leadership."

While the $600,000 grant will go a long ways to fund the extensive renovations required, it will not cover all expected expenses. Vector and partners are planning a capital campaign to fund the remaining costs for the project, and will be approaching the community for help with this vital project. 




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