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Clinic: 2121 Myrtle Ave., Eureka CA, 95501.  Located near Sacred Heart Church. Parking is available at the rear of the building.


Aquatic Center: 3289 Edgewood Road, Eureka, CA 95501. Edgewood Rd is located off of Myrtle Avenue near Sacred Heart Church. 


Open Hours: M-F 8 am – 12 pm and 1 pm - 5 pm. If you need to be seen beyond these hours, please ask your therapist.


Clinic: 707-442-6463; Fax: 707-442-5427

Aquatic Center: 707-441-9262

Who to contact:

Melissa Hooven, CEO -
Tim Brater, Clinical Director -
Jacynda Hudson, Clinic Front Offic Manager -
Cora Lee, Aquatic Center Office Manager -
Justice Tennent, Pool Operations Manager -


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Vector Physical Therapy and Aquatic Center, 2121 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501. Tel - 707.442.6463.

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