Early Intervention Program

Vector contracts with local companies to provide timely evaluation and screening for work-related acute and repetitive strain injuries.  After a detailed history is taken, the therapist examines the client to determine if the client requires further medical evaluation, provides appropriate first aid treatment as indicated, and instructs him or her on self care, exercises if needed, ergonomics and biomechanics to prevent reoccurrence.  This intervention can aid in reducing costly Worker’s Compensation claims.

For more information or to schedule an Early Intervention appointment, please call 442-6463

Work Site Evaluations
Vector provides work site evaluations to local businesses. The purpose of this program is to reduce work injuries. Through ergonomics, which is the study of work, specifically the interaction of the worker to the work site, the goal is to fit the job to the person, rather than fitting the person to the job.

Good ergonomics is good business!! Proper work place design will improve:

Good ergonomics is good business!! Reducing work injuries will improve:
Employee morale
Employees turn over