Aquatic Center


Announcement: The Aquatic Center is open for pool therapy ONLY until further notice. 
March schedule

March 2020: Current Schedule available here

Please Note: Going Solo is an ADULT ONLY swim time, however, swim lessons may occur during this time. 
Infant & Kids Swim is available on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 1-5:00 pm 

Current Classes: (please note-class schedule may change)
Ai CHi with Marla Joy: Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 pm
Aqua Arthritis BASIC:TuTh 10:15-11:00 AM
Aqua Zumba: TuTh 9:00-9:45 AM
Going Solo: See schedule link above

Drop-in fee - $10.00; $7.27 per visit w/ punch card
Punch Card - $80.00; good for 11 visits

In general, we do not refund Punch Card purchases. Please try the pool before you purchase a Punch Card. The drop-in fee is $10.00. However, if you arrive for your class and the instructor is unavailable, we will credit you that visit on your Punch Card. 

Registration Form: Pool users are required to fill out a Registration Form prior to pool use. For your conveinence, you can download the form here and bring it in with you for your first visit. Please take a moment to read the Pool Rules. To complete your Pool Registration, you must acknowledge that you've read this information and sign and date where indicated. Please bring both forms, Registration Form and Pool Rules, with you for your first visit. Thank you.

Registration Form
Pool Rules

LOCATION: 3289 Edgewood Rd., off of Myrtle Ave., in Eureka. PHONE: 441.9262